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Elementary School Assemblies

Choose from a wide variety of entertaining and education elementary school assemblies offered by Dream Shaper artists.  Each school assembly has core curriculum and S.T.E.A.M. connections for TK-5 elementary school educational and arts objectives.  All elementary school assemblies are engaging, educational, entertaining, and guaranteed.  School assemblies are generally about 45-50 minute in length, can be customized to fit any elementary school schedule or time needs.  Assemblies can be performed either indoors or outdoors and are generally available throughout Southern California (mileage fees may apply to some areas).  School assemblies are available for preschool, grade level, multiple assemblies as well as school-wide assemblies.  Listed are our most popular elementary school assemblies that are regularly booked.


American West 

Content: American Heritage, Geography, Multiculturalism, Dance, Theater, History-Social Studies
Assembly: Bring the Western Frontier alive with a combination of the two most recognizable Iconic Images of America to the world: American Indiana and Cowboys.  Included are Native songs, dances, cultural information along with Cowboy music, tales, and trick roping.  The American Cowboy or Native American Tribal Dance & Culture can be booked as a solo assembly for a reduced price.
Fees: $600 single – $750 double – $475 family fun night

ChazzTeresa2African Drum and Dance

Content: Music, Dance, Theater, Multiculturalism, History-Social Studies
Assembly: Combines percussion with dance styles from Africa.  26 djembe drums are featured in this assembly that allow some students to play beats while other get the opportunity dance to create harmonious rhythms.  The African Drum Circle or African Dance Rhythms can be booked as a solo assembly for a reduced price.
Fees: $600 single – $750 double – $475 family fun night

CraigNInstrumentsHistorical Journey Through America’s Music

Content: Music, History-Social Science
Assembly: A historical music assembly that demonstrates famous songs and musical instruments that have been used throughout America’s history.  Journey from the early colonial days to modern day America and experience music that has shaped our nation. The assembly features 10 instruments demonstrated as the audience is taken through 200 years of music.
$450 single – $650 double – $350 family fun night

chair Sayin’ No! Drug Awareness Magic

Content: Health, Theater, Character Building
Assembly: Magic based elementary school assembly aims to motivate and empower students with the goal that nothing is impossible when you are drug free!  With magical examples used as illustrative points, this school assembly leaves a positive lasting impression with increased self-esteem.  
$425 single – $550 double – $350 family fun night

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInternational Folktales

Content: Theater, Multiculturalism, History-Social Science, Folklore
Assembly: Using folktales, historical, and personal stories, Michael’s elementary school assemblies will spark the imagination and stimulate the mind in a way that’s entertaining and engaging.  Michael is an internationally renowned storyteller who also teaches some storytelling technique in each assembly.
Fees: $450 single – $700 double – $450 family fun night

100_0108Reading, Writing and Rhythm

Dan Crow: Music, Language Arts, Theater
Assembly: Dan Crow, internationally known recording artist and performer, uses participatory songs and stories that concentrate on specific language arts skills.  Based on student involvement, the program offers a high interest phonic/phonetic approach to reading and develops positive feelings for self-expression while creating and improving basic speech and language skills.
Fees: $450 single – $600 double – $375 family fun night

Ken & GWB 1Wonderful World of Stories and Songs 

Content: Theater, Music, Multiculturalism, Folklore
Assembly: Ken presents K-5 elementary school assemblies that feature international folk songs and stories brought to life through the inclusion of a wide variety of puppets (performed in ventriloquist style) as well as student performers.  School assemblies feature content geared to lower and upper grades, and are participatory and entertaining.
Fees: $450 single – $550 double – $350 family fun night

georgettecroppedSouth American Adventure

Content: Music, Multiculturalism, Geography, World Languages, Theatre, Folklore
Assembly: An interactive, musical, and multicultural elementary school assembly adventure where students experience the geography, music, cultures, legends, and languages from Mexico and South America.  Introduction of scientific facts, biology, and artifacts round out this school assembly. 
Fees: $450 single – $550 double – $350 family fun night


Character Building Ventriloquist

Content: Health, Theater, Character Building, Technology, Reading
Assembly: Each of Joe Gandelman’s elementary school assemblies are lively ventriloquist programs packed with comedy, magic and a BIG cast of puppet interaction that support ongoing school efforts regarding No Teasing, No Bullying, Internet Safety, Nutrition, Literacy and Anti-Drugs.  Joe performs these assemblies across the United States and can easily customize his school assemblies to meet your needs.
Fees: $425 single – $600 double – $350 family fun night

Cowboy Ken

American Cowboy

Content: Music, Theater, History-Social Science, American Heritage, Western Frontier
Assembly: Each of Cowboy Ken’s elementary school assembly programs feature multiple arts and are cross curricular.  Cowboy Ken depicts one of the most Iconic image of America to the world, the American Cowboy and features the Old West Art of Trick Roping.  Students will enjoy his combination of traditional folk songs, ageless American folktales, true stories, and historical facts as he presents his engaging, entertaining, and educational school assemblies.
Fees: $350 single – $500 double – $350 family fun night

Ben HaleNative American Tribal Dance and Culture

Content: Music, Theater, Dance, History-Social Science, American Heritage
Assembly:  Ben Hale, of the Navajo Nation, offers elementary school assemblies that are rich in the heritage and culture of North American Tribes.  His school assembly features Native American dances from various tribes of North American.  Included are the Fancy Feather and Hoop dances.  He sings and performs American Indian songs and tells stories.  Dressed in brilliant regalia, he describes and explains cultural and historical connections to the dances and songs performed.
Fees: $500 single – $650 double – $350 family fun night

Chazz African Percussion and Drum Circles

Content: Music, Geography, Multiculturalisn, History-Social Science
Assembly: Chazz Ross offers an elementary school assembly that features a African Drum Circles and Percussion experience.  Chazz brings 26 djembe drums for students have a hands on rhythmic and drumming experience.
Fees: $350 single – $500 double – $350 family fun night

Mark Wenzel MimeThe Art of Mime

Content: Theater
Assembly: Internationally recognized award winning mime, Mark Wenzel, presents an educational and fun elementary school assembly where he demonstrates and teaches everyone the Art of Mime. This hands-on program will have everyone participating as they learn how move and act with miming skills.
Fees: $400 single – $550 double – $350 family fun night

Ina Buckner BarnetteThe Sunshine Storyteller

Content: Theater, Multiculturalism, Literacy, Folklore
Assembly: Ina Buckner-Barnette’s elementary school programs feature international stories as well as African and African American folktales.  Her school assemblies introduce students to ageless stories that have been told for hundreds and some for thousands of years.  Also available is the Storytelling Drum Circle she presents with Chazz Ross – additional fees apply.
Fees: $400 single – $550 double – $350 family fun night

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