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Preschool Shows and Programs

Preschool shows and programs allow preschoolers to participate in engaging performing arts and science programs which play a vital role in early childhood development.  Dream Shapers presenters provide age-appropriate preschool shows that: enhance and support early learning opportunities and expose younger generations to live preschool programs and shows that promote creativity and imagination, foster an enthusiasm for living, and introduces preschool children to cultural programs from around the world.

Dream Shaper preschool show performers provide a wide variety of preschool show programs including: African drum and dance, cowboy shows, princess tales, American Sign Language, ASL, and songs, bilingual programs, puppetry, Native American Dance, international dance, storytelling, children’s music, magic, juggling, science, balloons, and more.  All Dream Shaper Preschool Program Performers have auditioned and demonstrated their ability to present age appropriate Preschool Shows.

Preschool show programs typically last between 20-45 minutes depending on the age of the children attending the preschool show.  Our preschool program presenters can accommodate  small or large sized groups. However, preschool shows are best when grouped by ages, younger preschoolers in one group (usually for a shorter time) and older preschoolers in another group (usually for a longer time).

Many preschools present two preschool shows – one @ about 20 minutes for younger and one @ about 30 minutes for older for one affordable price! 

Below is a list of available preschool show performers and presenters who specifically offer programs for this special age group.  If anyone piques your interest, please feel fee to click on their link for more detailed information.

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Arty Loon

An zany adventures into the world of magic, puppetry, juggling, and balloons. High energy variety show!


Auntie Kayte

Creative songs and stories enchants children in the manner of Mary Poppins, pulling props and costumes from her magic treasure chest.



Dynamic hands-on drum-circle programs featuring African and international rhythms.  Includes 20 djembe drums for children to perform with.




3-Dimensional Animated Zoo featuring animals from around the world.  Program includes puppets, ASL and interactive songs.


Teresa Smith

Dance rhythms from around the world as well as African styles will get little bodies moving and shaking.


Children's MusicWendee

Veteran children’s musician brings engaging songs to young audiences.

Cowboy Ken

Old West participatory preschool program filled with stories, songs, puppetry, historical facts and trick roping.


Silly Science

“Professor Wisenheimer” brings a fun and participatory preschool science program that develops the understanding of scientific principles.


Mr Markus Music

Mr. Markus the Music Man brings a music and movement guitar sing-along that features fun, zany, and participatory preschool songs.


Ranger Jack

Playful children’s show featuring interactive songs, stories and will feature many of his playful puppets.


Georgia Frawley

American Sign Language, ASL, for early learning, communication, and fun!  This is a “Hands On” ASL song presentation ideal for preschool fun.

Party Puppet Show

Energetic hand-and-rod puppet theater featuring a lively collection of puppets that is full of comedy, fun, and engaging interaction.


Ken Frawley

A fun and playful program featuring international songs and stories with puppets in a fun variety show.  Preschoolers are engaged for the entire show.


Rebecca Martin

Vibrant songs and stories from princesses and dragons to international tales in an animated style reaches the hearts of children.



Dave Kinnoin
An award winning Muppets and Henson songwriter offers a fun and interactive collection of songs for preschoolers.



Ina Buckner-Barnette

A collection of humorous multicultural and African tales, songs, and movement games.


Native American Tribal Dance & Culture

Dances, songs, stories and culture from North American tribes.

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