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Library Summer Reading Programs 2017

Summer Reading is an integral part of any library branch’s community programming.  Here are the Dream Shaper artists and their 2017 SRP offerings.

ArtyBalloonsThe Arty Loon Show: I-Mad-Gination

Arty takes you on a wild ride through a world of crazy fun and imagination! Get inside Arty’s head and see for yourself how he designs his wacky world! Presented in classic Arty Loon style. Programs for: Preschool / Children’s & Family / YA / Adult


chazzBuilding Jungle Drum Rhythms with CHAZZ

Build a circle of melody with this fun, participatory program as Chazz along with 26 djembe drums teach simple rhythms and sounds.   Everyone will be amazed by the music that’s created!  More programs: Heart Beats– The Benefits of Drumming, Design Drum. Programs for: Programs for: Babies & Toddlers / Preschool / Children & Family / YA / Special needs / Adult

Cowboy KenDesigning a New Frontier with Cowboy Ken

Cowboy Ken brings to life the Old West art of trick roping, cowboy songs, pioneer stories, and lots of opportunities for his “partners” to join in the fun!  Meet his horse Marshmallow and dog Dusty in this exciting and interactive cowboy show right from the pages of library books. Programs for: Preschool / Children & Family / YA / Special needs / Adult


GeorgetteGoofyFaceFrom Pyramids to the Panama Canal: Latin American Designs from Past to Present

Using large architectural replicas of pieces of famous building, Grandma G has children clamoring to delve into their imaginations as stories and songs are used to inspire their  construction.  Programs for: Babies & Toddlers / Preschool / Children & Family / YA / Adult

ken and puppets 3 compressedKen and Friends by Design

Ken brings to life stories and songs that were written on the pages of books from hundreds of years ago, in a show designed to entertain, engage and amaze audiences.  Ken’s puppet friends along with the audience humorously help him share these tales throughout the show. Programs for: Babies & Toddlers / Preschool / Children & Family / Special Needs

Joe3Building Fun Together with Joe Gandelman & Friends

Joe Gandelman and his BIG cast of nationally performing puppet and dummy           characters pack this show with laughs and interaction and prove fun is always better with friends.  Audience will learn trade  secrets of ventriloquism and puppetry. Programs for: Babies & Toddlers / Preschool / Children & Family / YA / Adult

KRK 2012The Giant Who Had No Heart

Storyteller Karen Rae Kraut is joined by musician Jay De Angelo in this action-packed adventure story of a giant who has a serious design flaw, he has no heart!  Can the Ash Boy and Cowgirl Princess survive to destroy or rebuild?  Find out in this program with tons of audience participation, puppets, live guitar and keyboards, and a gigantic backdrop! Programs for: Preschool / Children’s & Family

African Drum & Dance with Chazz and Teresa

Chazz and Teresa distribute 25 djembe drums to children and challenge the others to dance and sing to African songs and rhythms. Teresa instructs the dancers to follow the beats that Chazz teaches to the drummers. Programs for: Preschool / Children’s & Family / YA / Adult

Ken and GeorgiaKCCO Musical Magical Radio Show with Ken & Georgia Frawley

Your library audience will experience the famous story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears brought to life as part of a live radio broadcast. Children fro the audience will become the readers theater actors,  “doo wah” singers, stage managers, and Foley artists. The entire audience will clap, provide sound effects, and sing along to enhance the production.  Full of fun and participation. Programs for Children & Family Audiences

Ina Buckner-Barnette signingDesign Your Own Tale with Ina Buckner-Barnette

Dance with dragons and butterflies as we create our own moving stories with Ina, The Sunshine Storyteller. We’ll laugh, sing and spread our storytelling wings to SHINE like the sun! Programs for: Babies & Toddlers / Preschool / Children & Family / YA / Adult

JohnAllanHighland Songs and Dances with John McLean Allan

Learn about the great Highland Games, held yearly during the spring and summer, that are comprised of athletic events, playing of bagpipes and dancing aimed to celebrate the Scottish and Celtic culture held in the Scottish Highlands.  Programs for: Preschool / Children’s & Family / YA / Adult

Dan CrowChildren’s Music and Comedy with Dan Crow

Dan Crow, a Parent’s Choice Gold award-winning performer, offers up fun stories and songs that will have audiences laughing and singing along.  Dan performs his engaging and interactive music concerts and shows around the world. Programs for: Preschool / Children’s & Family/ YA / Adult

jump_flag_lgThe Wheel of Mime with Mark Wenzel

Southern California’s favorite mime brings fun and playful pretend games using the art of mime to your library for a highly participatory program! Programs for:  Children’s & Family / YA / Adult

Children's MusicWendee’s Musical Adventure

Join Wendee in this highly interactive music show.  The audience helps build the program by clapping, jumping, dancing, drumming, shaking and making fun animal sounds with Wendee’s wacky songs.  Programs for:Baby & Toddler / Preschool / Children & Family

TeresaSmith1aDance by Design  with Teresa Smith

Explore the creative process of dance with Teresa Smith, world dance instructor, who takes you on a cultural journey through the world’s most popular dance genres. From Bollywood to Hip Hop, and Salsa to African, Teresa teaches how to take a thought and turn it into an expression of movement, and an entertaining piece of dance design. Programs for: Preschool / Children’s & Family / YA / Adult

Ranger_Jack_The Musical Paintbrush with Ranger Jack

Once again, Ranger Jack has designed a framework of highly interactive music and puppet performances that the children will truly enjoy. Performing on guitar and keyboard, he engages his audience with educational, uncommonly-catchy children’s songs. The kids will sing, dance, bunny-hop, mimic, call & respond, and hear captivating stories. Then, Ranger Jack’s hilarious animal-puppets will simply steal the show! Programs for: Preschool / Children’s & Family / Special Needs / 

jay 1Building Success Magically with Jay Leslie

Jay’s quick sleight of hand and trick-a-minute magic helps him illustrate the mindset and blueprint needed to be successful and great success at school and in life! Programs for: Preschool / Children’s & Family / YA / Adult


reb11 copyGreat Capers of the Fairy Kingdom with Rebecca Martin

Kids will laugh, leap, sing, and jump in this delightful program where dragons can be friend or foe and fairy tales come alive as Rebecca enchants and gets everyone involved in this vibrant programs. Programs for: Babies & Toddlers / Preschool / Children & Family / Special Needs

Dave-KinoinBuilding with Rhythm with Dave Kinnoin

Veteran Muppet’s and Disney songwriter Dave Kinnoin arrives wearing his tool belt and carrying wood and his acoustic guitar.  He sings a cappella as he rhythmically builds a table with simple hand tools.  Songs collected from his 25 years as a worldwide volunteer builder are included with guitar accompaniment. Programs for: Babies & Toddlers / Preschool / Children & Family / Special Needs

Lord Rusty in Lego Land 2 PS editLet’s Go Eco – Design a New Planet with Christopher Yates

International entertainer, actor and musician, Christopher Yates, offers a range of unique original multi-disciplined programs that are educational, theatrical and entertaining.  Programs like: Rock & Roll Circus, Dinosaur Safari, High Seas Pirate Adventure, Lord Rusty’s Renaissance Art, and his latest  Let’s Go Eco – Design a New Planet, which follows the great Butterfly Migration. Programs for:  Children’s & Family / YA / Adult

Create Your Story with Michael McCarty

Using folktales, historical stories and personal accounts, Michael shares anecdotes that will inspire and encourage to reach for the stars and persevere to achieve their dreams.  Programs for Children’s & Family / YA / Adult

Ben HaleNative American Tribal Dance & Culture

Presentation of traditional North American Indian Tribal Culture, songs, dance and storytelling in brilliant costume.  Dances and music are explained and cultural significance of the movements are shared. Programs for: Preschool / Children’s and Family / YA / Adult


CraigNInstrumentsThe Design of Music with Craig Newton

In this program, Craig Newton demonstrates how songs are put together with melodies, rhythms and words.  Using fun songs that all ages will enjoy, he explores the way music gets us clapping, singing, and tapping our feet. This show includes guitar, banjo, violin, flute, drum and more! Programs for: Babies & Toddlers / Preschool / Children & Family / YA / Special needs / Adult

Georgia signingDesigned by Hands ASL & Music Programs with Georgia Frawley

Georgia provides all kinds of programs including great Mommy and Me and     Preschool programs featuring American Sign Language (ASL).  She instructs and demonstrates the use of ASL for fun and engaging activities.  All of Georgia’s ASL programs offer fun and interactive songs that children love to sing and sign. Programs for: Baby & Toddler / Preschool / Children & Family / YA