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Ken Frawley

Every musical, storytelling,  puppetry children’s and family program with Ken Frawley is fun, entertaining, and full of audience participation. He performs new and traditional songs, tells traditional folktales, but with original twists and often with a large puppet who interacts with Ken in a ventriloquist style puppetry presentation.

His endearing smile, personal enthusiasm, and experience engage and involve his audiences’ from the start.  He performs in costume with a 12-string guitar, a variety of props, puppets, and sometimes – magic.  Ken has performed at thousands of preschools, libraries, elementary schools, community events, fairs, and festivals for over 20 years.

Usually a combination of stories and songs, Ken can customize a program that are all songs, all stories, or all puppets.  Many of his stories involve large puppets who interact with Ken to bring the story to life.  His unique puppets include: Lana Banana, an orangutan; The Great White Bear, a polar bear cub; Dragon, the Frog Genie; Shamus O’Monkey; Brer Rabbit; Dusty the Dog, and more.

Programs Available:

Wonderful World of Stories & Songs – PreK, K-6, Family
Animal Tales and Musical Scales – PreK, K-6, Family
Camp Sing-Along – PreK, K-6, Family
A Wee Bit of Ireland – PreK, K-6, Family
Howlin’ Halloween Party – PreK, K-6, Family
Christmas & Hanukkah Family Fun – PreK, K-6, Family
Play-Along Songs Concert – PreK, K-6, Family
Preschool Fun – PreK
Magical Tales and Musical Scales – PreK, K-6, Family
Dinosaur Fun – PreK, K-6, Family
Learn the Ukulele – YA

Wonderful World of Stories & Songs

The program always begins with a participatory song to get the audience involved, then a story will be told.  That story is often The Crocodile and the Monkey, which has the audience singing both the Crocodile and Monkey theme songs and making hand and body movements.  Next is a story with a puppet character that interacts with Ken as a real part to the story.  Ken adjusts the show to fit the age group.

Animal Tales and Musical Scales

Ken program is full of songs and stories with and about animals.  Audiences will be treated to songs like I Had Me a Rooster and I’m Thinking of an Animal.  They will delight in great international folktales like The Crocodile and the Monkey from India and Lana Banana Counts to 10.  Audiences of all ages will love meeting puppets like Lana Banana, an orangutan from Borneo or many other of Ken’s over 10 animal puppet friends.  This song-filled, story-filled, and fun-filled program is clap-along experience with audience participation from the beginning until the end.

Camp Sing-Along

Camp Sing-Along is like going away to summer camp.  Audiences will be treated to songs like Little Cabin in the Woods, I Love the Mountains and Dum Dum Dah Dah.  They will delight in great campfire tales like The Big Mouthed Monster and Why the Monkey’s Get All the Banana’s.  This song-filled and story-filled program for the whole family is full audience participation. Relive or experience new the wonderful times of shared songs and stories around a summer camp campfire.

A Wee Bit of Ireland

A great St. Patty’s Day program, A Wee Bit of Ireland is a fun-filled look at Irish heritage through stories and songs performed by Ken.  Audiences will be treated to songs like Hi Ho the Rattlin’ Bog and Molly Malone.  They will enjoy great Irish stories like A Field of Shamrocks and How Jack Became the King of Ireland.  Learn about the “Wee People” through a visit by a leprechaun named Shamus O’Monkey.  Filled with songs and stories, this program is a sing- along and clap-along show with audience participation.  Watch for the twinkle in Ken’s eye to know if the story is true – or maybe not.

Howlin’ Halloween Party

A fun and only slightly spooky (appropriate for preschoolers) look at one of America’s most popular holidays – through stories and songs performed by Ken.  Audiences will be treated to songs like Let’s all Roar and Witches, Ghosts and Goblins.  They will be spellbound with Halloween stories like Debra’s Halloween and The Bear Ghost.

Christmas & Hanukkah Family Fun

This program highlight the celebration of two very popular holidays in one jam-packed program.  For Hanukkah you will enjoy singing along and playing-along to The Dreydl Song and listening to a great old Jewish folktale called The Chicken Man.  For Christmas you will sing-along and play-along to such holiday favorites as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Enjoy a tale called How Santa Chose the Reindeer.  Ken Frawley, one of Santa’s helpers, entertains his audiences with lots of energy and participation.

Play-Along Songs Concert

In this wonderful musical program full of new and traditional participatory songs, Ken Frawley, one of the leaders in interactive music programs, demonstrates how to move and play-along to songs.  Audiences will be treated to traditional songs like I Had Me a Rooster and She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain.  They will then have fun with songs like Whales, Whales, Whales and I’m Thinking of an Animal.  Audiences will have to use their imaginations to make up sounds, words, rhymes, and use their bodies to clap-along, sign-along, and move-along to Ken’s collection of playful songs.

Preschool Fun

Preschool Fun is a program designed for young children to be introduced to sing-along participatory songs and great folktales. Children will be treated to songs like I Had Me a Rooster, Thinking of an Animal and Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.  They will have fun with great stories like Lana Banana Learns Counts to 10 (American) and The Bear Says North (Finish).  These stories are told with the help of puppets like the Great White Bear, a very large polar bear cub, and Lana Banana an orangutan. This program was designed to capture the interest and attention of very young children and introduce them to songs and stories performed live.

Magical Tales and Musical Scales

This program features interactive songs combined with international and multicultural folktales that are brought to life with magic as well as puppets.  Meet the Magical Mummy of Memphis and see how he creates great wealth.  The Great White Bear will magically have to tell the truth, and Mr. Man, Dragon and the Fruit Juice will bring home the meaning of sharing.

Dinosaur Fun

This show is all about dinosaurs!  Audiences will meet two dinosaurs: Dino and Chomper as they help Ken tell stories with and about dinosaurs.  Included are some fun dinosaur songs.

KCCO Musical Mystery Radio Show

Bring an Old Time Radio Show to your event.  This show features an interactive pre-show warm up for the audience just as if they were part of a radio show in the 1930’s.  Ken will select volunteers from the audience to be the performers and read the scripts, to be to folley artist and provide the sound effects, to be the “Doo Wah” singers for the commercials, and to be the stage manager and direct audience interaction.  This program allows members of each audience to shine as the “Stars of the Show” – a Radio Show that is.

Learn the Ukulele

In this fun introductory ukulele workshop, participants are given hands-on experience to learn and play songs with the ukulele.  Ideal for young adults to become familiar playing this instrument.  Participants will learn tuning, basic hand positions, standard strumming styles, and between 8-12 of the most used chords.  They will then get to play-along and sing-along to over 15 traditional songs and rhymes.