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Jay Leslie

jay 1Jay Leslie is a talented and engaging magician and illusionist who provides children’s and family, fast paced, hilarious, and engaging magic shows.  Jay has performed over 7000 magic shows on TV and across the country.  He was resident magician at Busch Gardens, has lectured and also performs at the Magic Castle is Hollywood.  Jay brings a unique blend of fun audience participation and original illusions, suitable for all ages.   Audiences marvel at his skillful sleight of hand and eye popping comedy magic.  Jay keeps everyone in awe with his amazing illusions and talented “trick a minute” performances.  Most librarians agree that Jay’s show is one of the best they’ve booked.  He also offers Anti-Bullying and Red Ribbon Week programs for schools.

Programs Available:

Magical Adventures with Jay – PreK, K-6, Family
Sayin’ No! Drug Awareness Magic – K-6
Magical Anti-Bullying & Positive Self-Esteem Program – K-6
Sometimes Scary Magic Show – K-6, Family
The Magic of the Season – PreK, K-6, Family
Circus of Magic – K-6, Family

Magical Adventures with Jay

A participatory program filled with comedy, magic, and illusions featuring the magical talents of Jay Leslie who has performs his quick trick a minute routine for children and family audiences across the US.

Sayin’ No! Drug Awareness Magic

Jay delivers through magic wonderful messages about the positive effects of being drug free.  His program is cleverly developed and aims to motivate and empower young people with the goal that nothing is impossible when you are drug free.  With magical examples used as illustrative points, this fun show leaves a lasting impression.

Magical Anti-Bullying & Positive Self-Esteem Program

In easily understandable terms, Jay demonstrates what self-esteem is, why it’s important, and how to develop it.  With audience participation, Jay’s magic effects shows how to avoid peer pressure (including bullying), and negative influences by friends.  Other topic covered include: tattling vs telling, contests vs challenges, and the importance of seeking out positive people.  The program ends with a straight jacket escape where an impossible problem is solved one step at a time and with Jay proving that information, practice, and self confidence opens doors to those who wish to become a better person.

Sometimes Scary Magic Show

Mesmerize as bewitching tricks and illusions are conjured up with a little Hocus Pocus.  Acclaimed magician, Jay Leslie uses his rapid-fired magic to spellbind the audience in this participatory magic and comedy show.  Join Jay Leslie for a fun Halloween themed program.

The Magic of the Season

Magician Jay Leslie rings in the magical holiday season with fun and fast-paced tricks and sleight of hand illusions to festive holiday-themed program.

Circus of Magic

Join ringmaster, Jay Leslie in this very exciting 3-ring magic circus where members of the audience become part of the show.  Comedy juggling & comedy magic round out the program with dozens of tricks & routines.