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Georgia Frawley

Georgia Frawley will bring to your event wonderfully interactive children’s songs that feature American Sign Language (ASL).  She also offers parent and child signing workshops.  All of her ASL programs are interactive, “hands-on” and fun for everyone.  She uses ASL to foster communication and enhance learning for all children.

Georgia has a M.A. for over 30 years taught high school students to effectively use sign language and playful and interactive songs with young children as part of her classes on Child Development, Parenting, and Marriage and Family.  She was exposed to how powerful movement, especially signing, was as a memory and recall tool when she worked as a dorm counselor at the California School for the Deaf in Riverside, California.

Georgia has performed over 1000 musical and storytelling programs throughout Southern California and has co-produced the We Sign DVD series.  Georgia has co-authored Sign to Speak: Babies Can Talk, and Sign to Speak: Toddlers At Play which feature American Sign Language, ASL to enhance early learning and communication.  She co-authored Play-Along Songs Volume 1, and Play-Along Songs Volume 2 that feature participatory songs to enhance motor skills, support early learning, encourage language development, and provide hours of musical fun.


Programs Available:

Dream With Your Hands – PreK, K-6, Family
Signing Fun Time – K-6, Family
Play-Along Songs for Young Children – PreK
Preschool Signing and Musical Fun – PreK

Dream With Your Hands

Join Georgia Frawley for a hands-on song program featuring American Sign Language, ASL.  This playful program will have you signing lots of words and “dreaming up” new verses to songs that you can sign and sing.  Audiences will enjoy learning and moving with sign language.

Signing Fun Time

Program features American Sign Language, ASL and songs that are playful and support and enhance early learning for children and family audiences.  Everyone will enjoy the easy-to-learn and interactive songs while learning lots of ASL vocabulary at the same time.  Included will be some basic signing information, tips, and lots of playful interaction. Songs and information featured come from the multinational award winning We Sign DVD series, Sign To Speak and Play-Along Songs books Georgia has co-produced and co-authored.

Play-Along Songs for Young Children

A playful and fun participatory presentation of interactive songs for preschool age children that enhance motor skills, develop vocabulary, and support early learning (ABCs, numbers, colors, rhymes, etc.).  Everyone will sing-along, move-along, and play-along to wonderful new and traditional songs.  Songs are from the Play-Along Songs book series co-authored by Georgia.

Preschool Signing and Musical Fun

Georgia shares songs that engage preschool children with the movement of American Sign Language, ASL.  Signs featured in the songs presented include signs for communication, language enhancement, vocabulary development, core educational concepts (ABC’s, numbers, colors, rhymes, animals, and more), and for phonemic awareness.  Songs featured are from multinational, award winning We Sign DVD series, Sign To Speak and Play-Along Songs books that Georgia has co-produced and co-authored.