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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does a program last?
  2. How are payments handled?
  3. What if the program has to be cancelled or rain delayed?
  4. What are presenter fees?
  5. Do you customize programs for special occasions or themes?
  6. Are  your programs interactive?
  7. Are your program educational?
  8. We’ve never book with Dream Shapers before?
  9. Are you insured?

How long does a program last?

Most library programs last approximately 45-50 minutes.  Elementary school assemblies are 45 – 50 minutes or 1 period in length.  Preschool shows are between 30-35 minutes.  City and community events are tailored to their needs of 1 show to multiple shows in one day.  Walk-around/roaming entertainment entertainment runs 90 minutes with additional 60 minute segments that can be added.

How are payments handled?

  • We do not require a deposit.
  • All payments are made to Dream Shapers
  • Payments are due in full the day of the program unless billing arrangements have be discussed and agreed to prior to the program.  LAPL and CoLAPL have preexisting terms with Dream Shapers.  If your venue is unable to pay the day of the performance, it is best to make arrangements ahead of time and provide us with any contracts, purchase orders, requisition numbers and/or contact information.
  • Payments can be mailed in or given to the artist.

What if the program has to be cancelled or rain delayed?

All programs can be cancelled up to one week prior to an event.  Some penalties may be incurred for less than 48 hour cancellations.  We can reschedule at anytime including for inclimate weather.

What are presenter fees?

Fees range from $200 to $600 for a single program.  Pricing varies from presenter to presenter depending on the location and type of program.  If you have a budget, it is best to give us some idea of what that is.  Our presenters try to accommodate whenever possible.  If you have pricing concerns, Contact Us.

Do you customize programs for special occasions or themes?

Yes we do!  Look at our list of presenters for ideas and Contact Us to discuss which presenter can adapt and tailor to meet your needs.

Are your programs interactive?

Yes!  All our programs feature interaction between the presenter and the audience.  Participation varies from program to program, but they range from onstage involvement to sing-along’s and from hands-on drumming and American Sign Language programs to laugh out loud stories.

Are your programs educational?

We offer a variety of educational programs especially designed to support early learning for preschool and elementary school children.  Many presenters offer school assemblies that are standards-based or connected to the common core standards set.

We’ve never booked with Dream Shapers or a specific presenter. Will we get a quality program?

Dream Shapers was founded on the concept that our roster of performers could be chosen, sight unseen and that a city, library, elementary school, preschool, or other client would get a quality program that would meet or exceed any expectations they have.  To reinforce our commitment to providing quality programs and presenters, we offer a 100% GUARANTEE on all programs so that you can be confident we will live up to your trust for now and all programming choices in the future.

Are your programs insured?

We have a $2,000,000 general liability policy that meets City, California PTA and Library requirements. This policy covers all the presenters and programs that we offer.  Additionally insured documentation is available at no additional cost to the client. All documentation is available upon request.