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Dave Kinnoin

Dave Kinnoin is a top children’s songwriter and music artist who has been providing concerts and workshops across the United States for over 35 years.  He pours boundless energy and a sparkling love for kids into every song.  Dave and his audiences boldly dance in a world filled with gorillas and butterflies, stinky toes and runny noses, family members and friends. A rousing good time is guaranteed for all.  He tours nationally to rave reviews and holds the coveted Parents’ Choice Gold Award.  He’s written many recognizable songs for Disney, the Muppets, DreamWorks Animation, Sesame Workshop and numerous others.

Programs Available:

Music Injected Learning – K-6
Family Music Concert – K-6, Family
Earth’s Birthday: An Environmental Awareness Program – K-6, Family
Sing Out for Our American Heroes – K-6, Family
Create-A-Song– K-6, Family
Preschool Fun – PreK

Music Injected Learning

Go with gusto on a journey through language arts, math, social studies, and science with this acclaimed Disney, Muppets, DreamWorks, and Sesame Workshop songwriter whose hundreds of songs have filled schools, libraries, and homes for more than three decades.  Step-by-step, Dave demonstrates how to use songs to enhance the learning of all core curricula.

Family Music Concert

Switching from guitar to piano to a cappella, Dave rouses the crowd with fun and sometimes poignant songs.  Kids sing, dance, laugh, and learn as their young world of parents, siblings, teachers, friends, animals and much more come alive.  Dave always gives a nudge towards the Golden Rule.  Concerts are available with Dave by himself, with a bass player, or with a full band.

 Earth’s Birthday: An Environmental Awareness Program

Dave Kinnoin “…makes environmental education come to life for children in a way that is engaging, magical, and meaningful”, according to Mary Hofstedt of The Earth’s Birthday Project.  He does this by singing and discussing songs from his award-winning album, The Earth’s Birthday Sing-Along.  Songs range from silly (“Look in your belly button—do you see a bug?” from Insect), to touching (“…Gotta save the endangered species. There’s no time to hesitate. Gotta save the endangered species before it gets too late…” from Endangered Species), and to wild (“…kids one and all know how to boogie, how to have a ball” from Looks Like a Party).  Kids are encouraged and empowered to enjoy and protect our planet as they sing, “…No job is too big, no action too small, for the care of the Earth is the task of us all…” (from The Care of the Earth). Dave’s program teaches while leaving plenty of time to smell the flowers and chuckle.

 Sing Out for Our American Heroes

Young audiences sing-along to inspiring, original songs about Johnny Appleseed, the remarkably kind and generous planter of apple trees from Pennsylvania to the edge of the frontier; Harriet Tubman, the immensely strong and brave woman who built the network of anti-slavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad; and Helen Keller, who overcame deafness and blindness and taught millions of people to “keep your face to the sunshine… you won’t see the shadows fall” and many more American Heroes.


The children and Dave use their personal rhythms, rhymes, melodies, and stories to make up brand-new songs.  Sometimes poignant, often hilarious, these spontaneous creations help instill the notion that we can create more with our words than we might have thought. A song is a story that you sing.  It’s exciting to participate in the unfolding of one that never existed before!

Preschool Fun

Dave knows little kids like to get silly, and he provides lots and lots of wacky opportunities to do just that! They, have you had your yowsa-bowsa, spinny-winny and flippy-dippy yet today?  Dave has written dozens of interactive songs for this age group, and he alternates between those and the old standards like “The Itsy, Bitsy Spider” and “The Wheels on the Bus.” On thing’s for sure: he’ll get those small ones singing and dancing and having a ball!