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Craig Newton

Craig Newton brings over 10 instruments to every program and demonstrates the music that is performed with each.  He will demonstrate guitar, violin, flute, trombone, electric guitar, banjo and more as each song is supported and enhanced by the playing of various instruments at which Craig is proficient.  You can travel musically through American History, California History, or enjoy a Christmas Show or an International Show with Craig and his songs will entertain, educate, and foster an appreciation of various styles of music around the world.

Programs Available:

Historical Journey Through America’s Music – K-6, Family
Oh, California – K-6, Family
America’s Multicultural Music Heritage – K-6, Family
How the West Was Sung – K-6, Family
Fun with Music for Preschoolers – PreK
Holiday Music – PreK, K-6, Family
American Heroes – K-6, Family
Learn the Ukulele – YA

Historical Journey Through America’s Music

This program takes audiences very quickly through the history of America by using songs popular at various periods of history.  It’s a sampler type of program, with a variety of styles and musical instruments.  Some historical events discussed: Revolutionary War, Gold Rush, and the Cowboy era.  Songs range from “This Land is Your Land,” “When Johnn Comes Marching Home,” and “Lassus Trombone.”  Some of the instruments demonstrated include: harmonica, banjo, bottleneck guitar, and many more.

Oh, California

Craig presents a sampling of music of some of the peoples who have occupied what is now California for the past 500 years or so.  Combined with the songs of different ethnic groups are the demonstrations of various instruments with lots of sing-along’s and participation.  Audience is given an understanding of the diverse influences that created the unique culture we enjoy today in California.  Area discussed are: Native American Indians, Russians, Spanish and Mexicans, sailors, miners, and railroad workers. Songs may include: “California Here I Come,” “La Bamba,” “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and “Surfin’ USA.”  Some of the instruments demonstrated: Indian flute, ukulele, and mandola, and many more.

America’s Multicultural Music Heritage

An overview of diversity of America’s music in this smorgasbord of sound.  This focus here is on the country or region that originated the instruments of songs that are performed.  Drums from Africa, “goose egg” from China, penny whistle from Great Britain, tambourine from the Middle East…and the list goes on.  Some countries discussed: Spain, Italy, and Africa.  Songs may include: “En Roulant Ma Boule,” “Five Foot Two,” “Walkin’ Blue.”  A few of the instruments demonstrated: recorder, Conga drum, saxophone, and many more.

How the West Was Sung

Program takes the audience from 1850 to the present.  Songs are used to represent different groups that moved West including miners, settlers, railroad workers, cowboys, outlaws, Indians and more.  Songs may include: “Oh Susanna,” “Old Chisholm Trail,” and “Johnny B. Goode.”  A few of the instruments demonstrated: Acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle and many more.

Fun with Music for Preschoolers

Music and motions for preschool age children in a fast-paced demonstration of 10 different instruments.  Some songs include: “Old MacDonald,” “Five Little Monkeys,” and “Freeze Dance.”  Some of the instruments shown are: tin whistle, djembe drum, trombone, and more.

Holiday Music

Join Craig as he shares versions of some of the standard holiday songs from a variety of cultures.  Holidays include Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, the Winter Solstice, and Kwanzaa.  An eclectic array of instruments are presented and some of the songs include: “Jingle Bells,” “Feliz Navidad,” “Dreidle Song,” “Auld Land Syne,” and many more.

American Heroes

Program focuses on historical figures and events that impacted America’s history.  A wide variety of styles and instruments are presented to give exposure to various aspects of music.  Some of the historical figures discussed are: Abraham Lincoln, Geronimo, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John F. Kennedy.  A few of the songs include: “Yankee Doodle,” “Battle of New Orleans,” and “White House Blues.”

Learn the Ukulele

In this fun introductory ukulele workshop, participants are given hands-on experience to learn and play songs with the ukulele.  Ideal for young adults to become familiar playing this instrument.  Participants will learn tuning, basic hand positions, standard strumming styles, and between 8-12 of the most used chords.  They will then get to play-along and sing-along to over 15 traditional songs and rhymes.