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About Us

Mission Statement

Dream Shapers is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization whose mission is to promote and support independent visual, performing, variety, and demonstration presenters while establishing direct connections between their quality children’s and family programs and Southern California schools, libraries, preschools, cities, communities, and corporate organizations.

Who We Are

Dream Shapers has set up a goal to be inclusive of all art disciplines including: Visual Arts – drawing and cartooning; Performing Arts – storytelling, dance, music, theater; Variety Arts – magic, mime, juggling, puppetry, balloons; and Demonstration Arts – science, math, language, character building.  Dream Shapers presents a roster of performers that perform under the Dream Shaper banner but unlike other arts organizations we are inclusive to all independent presenters who wish to market and perform in the Southern California area.  Each year we support Dream Shaper and independent presenters though a wide variety of cooperative marketing opportunities including:

  • Onstage Library Showcases for Inland Empire and Los Angeles County Libraries.
  • A Library Directory that is handed out at showcases, conferences and mailed.
  • A Preschool Directory mailed to over 2000 preschools in Southern California.
  • A City and Community Organization Directory mailed twice each year.
  • website that features all the  artists who participate in the Library, Preschool and City Directories with video demonstrations and direct links.
  • School Assemblies Directory mailed out twice each year to schools, public and private, throughout Southern California.
  • featuring artists who participate in the School Assemblies Directory Mailings with video demonstrations and direct links.
  • “PUMP” performers ultimate marking program which allows artists to mail post cards to any of our mailing lists for a reduced price.
  • Additional one-on-one connections that can be made through PTA, city, and school conferences, and other events each year.

What We Offer

Dream Shapers offers preschools, elementary schools, libraries, cities, fairs, festivals, theaters, and other community organizations and events quality presenters and programs at affordable prices.  We feature over 20 artists on our roster, provide hundreds of thematic and fun children’s and family programs including elementary school assemblies, library shows, summer reading programs, summer camp presentations, preschool shows, music concerts, roaming entertainment, stage entertainment and much more.

Dream Shapers has a 2 million dollar insurance policy covering our programs, full-time office staff to help you with your questions and bookings, websites with video demonstrations, professionalism in providing documentation, advance phone calls of confirmation from presenters, and early arrival times for our performers.  We offer a guarantee that if our show is not the quality you and your event expected the program is FREE.  All of this is an effort to make it easy to find and choose any Dream Shaper presenter for any type of programming you might have from an arts organization that has been providing quality service and programming for over 20 years.

Our History

What began as a collective of independent presenters known as Storytellers and Troubadours in 1994 transformed into Dream Shapers in 2000, a leading advocate and supporter of visual, performing, variety, and demonstration arts serving Southern California.  Since our founding, we have generated more than 200,000 performances and presentations from over 300 independent presenters.  The artists, performers and presenters are generally from Southern California but some come from across the United States.

Prior to Dream Shapers, independent presenters were routinely excluded from arts organizations (i.e. The Music Center and Orange County Performing Arts Center).  The reasons varied, but many presenters did not fit the definition of “Artist”, which had been defined in Southern California, as only Visual and Performing Artists.  Dream Shapers has adopted a broader definition to include many more art forms that are used in libraries and schools as well as at city and community events.

Due to exclusions and the large number of quality artists that can not be placed on one roster, independent presenters had no cohesive voice to the community and struggled with promotion.  Years ago, these independent presenters were faced with the daunting task of marketing themselves on their own.  There was no focused way for them to outreach to community institutions and create awareness for themselves and their arts programming.

Large arts organizations monopolized the marketplace by promoting their presenters with extensive budgets, exclusive showcases, and connections and partnerships not possible to develop by independent presenters.  Independent presenters had no cost-effective way to advance their message or establish their professionalism or quality until Ken Frawley and Michael D. McCarty came together in an effort to provide a voice and offer marketing opportunities that would allow quality independent artists to compete.

Dream Shapers was founded to:

  • develop a roster of performers to help enhance the awareness of Dream Shapers as a Southern California arts organization.
  • generate financial support so presenters could continue to bring their arts to the community.
  • provide advertising and other promotional opportunities to create a greater awareness for presenters and their programs.
  • be a support for and a voice to advocate for all independent presenters.
  • develop a dialogue between presenters and community institutions.


Dream Shapers chooses performers for its roster that we believe will enhance their offerings of programs.  We try not to have presenters overlap in programming unless there is a distinct difference or there is more opportunities for shows in a specific area.  All presenters on Dream Shapers’ roster as well as all presenters who participate with us in directories, mailings and showcases must demonstrate that they can provide quality programs with affordable pricing and a high degree of professionalism to libraries, preschools, elementary schools, city and community events. Each presenter has been required to either audition or provide references and referrals prior to any participation with Dream Shapers or Dream Shapers opportunities. We want all community organizations to know and be secure in the fact that any presenter they choose will provide the level of entertainment and/or education that they expect delivered in a professional manner.

Public Notice

 All Dream Shapers income taxes and other corporate documents are available for public review upon request.